Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chinatown and Jerry's Grill

Last week Clark and I headed to Chinatown with Kate and Lehi to eat at a tasty dumpling place...I forgot the name but we ate some dumpling pies and fried dumplings with pork inside! TASTY! We had to wait in line for awhile though but it wasn't too bad because we saw a rainbow during the sunset!

And since that wasn't enough for our tummy's we walked over to a hip street called Club Street and ate at Jerry's Bar and Grill and ordered a big slab of ribs! For dessert we ended up buying some McDonald's ice cream and fried apple pies! YUM! Yes, we ate three times but each time got better and better! oh and I forgot, we even grabbed some coconuts to try as we headed back home!

1 comment:

Kate and Lehi! said...

I'm glad you took that photo BEFORE Lehi spilled the drink all over the table ;)

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