Saturday, March 14, 2009

A night in Singapore!

With just two more weeks left before we leave Singapore to head back home we were able to hang out with our good ole' Aussie friends Kate and Lehi. We hit up a tasty Egyptian restaurant called Al Tazzag along Arab Street. We all shared some pita bread with tons of dips and then came out our tasty kabobs! We were surrounded by carpets with pillows and a good amount of people smoking away on shisha pipes. It was quite interesting to say the least! I am surprised that Clark and I had not discovered or ventured down this alley before (and its even right by my work!).

Next we wandered down Arab Street and stepped into a Persian rug store where we stayed for awhile while the store owner tried to persuade Kate and Lehi to buy a huge rug! Needless to say, they didn't and we moved on.
The night wouldn't have been complete without getting a tasty little treat at Tom's Palette! Clark and I found this ice cream place when we first moved here and we have always taken our friends to try it! They make unique flavors such as Lavender and Redbean but Clark and I LOVE the Salted Carmel and the Granny's Favorite (malt chocolate with cookie dough!).
Our last stop was walking around Chijmes, formerly one of the last few cloistered convents in the world. There are now restaurants and bars in the place and you will find more tourists and expats than you can imagine! With the music playing in the background and hanging out with friends you couldn't have ended a better night!


Kate and Lehi! said...

Was good fun - now the weekend is almost over it's time to start thinking of what we should do next weekend as it's your last full one in Singapore! :(
Jenna - when you get a chance, could you please email me that pic of the rug store - it looks like a good one so I'd like to add it to my Singapore collection!

Kate and Lehi! said...

PS - how do you get these really good looking blog designs??? We're just using the basic ones but yours and the Redds are so much cooler!

Sarah and Jeremy said...

I like your new background! It looks really good. I can't believe it is down to 2 weeks till ya'll are gone! :( We'll have to have a birthday celebration before you leave!

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