Thursday, March 26, 2009

Steamboat Adventure

On Friday Clark and I decided we needed to try the local Steamboat before we left Singapore. Steamboat is where you choose a broth to cook/boil raw veggies and meat in. We decided we would try the pork broth and the some what spicy Tum Yum broth! We invited Kate and Lehi along as well and they choose the mild Mala broth and chicken broth. I felt bad because Mala is suppose to be really spicy and even though they choose mild their lips were burning!

Steamboat is also a buffet style where you go and choose all the meats and veggies you want to throw in the pot. I really enjoyed munching on the corn and noodles! I am pretty sad that we had not tried Steamboat until now but at least we had the guts to! If you ever visit Singapore take a trip to Beach Road and grab yourself a spot at a steamboat restaurant!

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