Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Down Under Part 4.

Sorry it has taken awhile to post about our last day in Aussie land but here it is:

The last day we headed to the Caversham Wildlife Park to see all the cute little animals! Okay the only REAL reason we wanted to go was to pet the Koalas and play with the Kangaroos! Well Clark and I got there around 9:30am. You can take a shuttle from the entrance of the park...yeah they forgot to inform us that the bus didn't start until 10am so Clark and I being the not so patient type (or maybe just me) we decided to walk down the road to the park. So please enjoy the video of us walking like 2.8 km on a deserted road. Good exercise though!

Soon after we made it to the Park we headed to the Molly's Farm show where we saw a sheep get sheared and Clark and myself trying to snap a whip...well Clark could do it, I just looked like a dork trying. After the show we were able to milk a cows "teats" and feed a bunch of little bunnies! Here is Clark with a big fat wombat.

Next we walked around the park in hopes of finding the Koalas! Here are Clark and I with the Koalas. There were about 20 of them sleeping on little tree posts. Did you know they sleep up to 18 hrs a day and don't drink water!!

Oh this was the exciting part...playing with the Kangaroos!!! We were able to walk around the Kangaroo "park" and feed all 50+ 'roos! I swear this was my favorite part of the trip! I have always wanted to feed a Kangaroo...or I guess just seeing one would have been good too! The 'roos were pretty chill and would nibble the bits of food out of your hand. We also saw an albino roo as well just hopping right on past us. I def. recommend this Park if you are ever in Perth!

Lastly we were able to see the Kookaburras, Tasmanian Devils, and the DINGOS! Clark has always (okay maybe just after watching "Lost") had a fascination with saying "The Dingo ate my baby" this time he got a chance:

Before we left to go back to Singapore, we headed to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory! Oh it was so yummy! Right when you walk in you are greeted with white, dark, and milk chocolate chips to eat! We bought a nice lunch and chocolate milk and ate it as we soaked in the sun! There were also parts in the factory where you could watch the workers make chocolates! I think I would get reallllllly fat if I worked there. It would have been complete without buying some chocolates for the road!

Oh yeah almost forgot...while we were waiting for the bus to pick us up at the factory, we went across the road to walk around the wine vineyard!

Clark and I had a great time in Perth even though it was a pretty quiet city. Next time we want to visit the other side of Australia and see Sydney! We have one more "vacation" left until we head stay tuned for "The Grays go to China"!!!!

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