Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marina Pier - Riverboat

On Thursday my co-workers Esther and Tannee took Clark and I out to a really good Tex Mex Western Restaurant called Riverboat for a go away dinner. The riverboat is tied up next to the pier and doesn't actually go anywhere because they gutted the engine.

We started off ordering some virgin strawberry Margaretta's (YUMMY!) and some tasty chips and salsa. I can't wait to get back to the States where they typically give you the chips and salsa for free! We ended up all sharing a variety of food: fajitas (or fagitas as Tannee pronounces it!), chicken burritos, and a long slab of ribs! I can't tell you how good the food was because it was seriously mouth watering amazing!
After dinner we all enjoyed their tasty desserts! I can't remember the names but it was all delightful!

Thanks Tannee and Esther!

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