Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Land Down Under Part 2

First off, I need to let it be known that we don't think ALL of Australia is backward...just a few things. I just wanted to assure Kate & Lehi that their beloved country is wonderful and we wouldn't mind living there one day. (...take that for six!)

On Sunday, wanted to take it easy as it is the day of rest. We went to the local LDS Church and it was quaint and small but nice. It is quite different than our church here where our primary alone has about 100 kids. After church we ventured out to some tourist spots. We visited Bell Tower which holds some of the most famous bells. Yes, they are famous but please don't ask me why. I just remember that they were rung for every King back in the Motherland of England.

After the tower we went and ate at an Italian restaurant and then took some pics in downtown Perth.


Samantha said...

jenna sounds like you are having a blast traveling all over! i enjoy reading about ya'lls adventures

Kate and Lehi! said...

Tee hee! We just couldn't resist giving it to you for the backward comment... still waiting to hear your justification though ;) See you tonight!

lynette said...

Looks like you guys had fun in Perth! It's on our list of places to see while we are here. Who knows, maybe it will be the next place we live!

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