Sunday, March 22, 2009


So on Friday night Clark's co-workers took us out to a part in Singapore called Geylang to try the Frog Legs and Stingray! Clark and I were totally up for the challenge (okay maybe me more than Clark!) to try clay pot frog because neither of us has ever come close to even trying it. (Kinda stinks that Clark and I have started to me more adventurous now that we are leaving!)

Here we are before we were about to try the frog legs!

Also, here are the reactions of the both of us:
The frog actually tasted like chicken! I guess you can tell that I thought it was pretty good considering I shoved the whole leg in my mouth!

Next, we took on the challenge of eating stingray with chili piled on top. Clark went first and to be honest I am surprised he even attempted to eat it because he HATES seafood! But to my surprise he plopped it in his mouth and said it tasted pretty plain. However, he did say "I think this is the best fish I have ever had!" haha I am guessing it was because it was tasteless!

Lastly, we drove all the way down to Changi Village to grab some root beer floats. Thanks to Carmen for showing us a great night and introducing us to some "exotic" food!


Lisa said...

Well there is some adventure in the states. . . like eating at Wendy's or Burger King. :)

Samantha said...

So tell me, is it something worth trying? Do you recommend that everybody has this at least one time in their life? I love reading about all of your fun experiences overseas!

The Grays said...

mm the frog legs we really good! they tasted lke chicken so i def. recommend them!

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